Our Team

Did you know that Gecko’s color vision is 350 times more sensitive than a human’s, and sometimes we can even regrow our tails! Yep, that’s how we roll…

Meet the Geckos

Pete is the founder & CEO of Muddy Gecko. Some say he invented the Mud as a pioneer in the IoT & wireless markets, as a business builder, a dad and a professional athlete. This Chief Gecko is equally at home sailing the South China seas or enjoying a good vino on the back patio.

Peter Van Deventer

Chief Gecko

That etch-a-sketch under the Christmas tree at age 6 was clearly the gateway drug to a life as a hardened graphic designer for Teddi. She has spent more than 3 decades translating all manner of messages into a visual language for companies large and small. 

Teddi Jensen

Design Gecko

Seth is a basketball fan, coffee snob, audiophile, foodie and HTML & CSS lover. Working at the nexus of aesthetics and function to save the world from bad web design. Equally comfortable working with startups or Fortune 50s. Seth is also the 10th worst surfer in California.

Seth Sanders

Renaissance Gecko

Brian loves hiking, yoga and building a great marketing strategy. In other words, the really epic and gnarly stuff.  Brian honed his chops at technology shops like VMware and Intel. He began his career in the muddy oil fields of Oklahoma, and has experienced what it takes to find a gusher.

Brian Forbes

Managing Director

From operations to sales, April is experienced in wearing many hats. She is now enjoying wading through the Mud with her fellow Geckos seeing projects through from start to finish!

April Van Deventer

Operations Gecko

Cooper is the Defender of the Empire


Social Influencer

Florin makes amazing videos, including ads for Pepsi, Heineken, McDonalds and many others. He also does websites, world-class animations and much more. We call him the Romanian Spielberg

Florin Ivan

Jedi Gecko

Even after a 25 year finance career, Chris is the master at finding the nickels and dimes scattered in the muddy terrain.

Chris Barlow

Number Crunching Gecko

Alex has been getting muddy doing world-class animations for over 25 years.

Alexandru Buzea

Animation Gecko

Bob is a seasoned sales and marketing executive, with nearly a millennium of dried muddy tracks at Intel Corporation to prove it. 

Bob Tierno

BDM Dallas-Ft. Worth

Greg is the dancing, whistling traffic cop working at the intersection of strategy and creativity, so your brand work never gets caught in gridlock. Greg’s work for brands like Intel, Taco Bell, Dolby and AT&T have resulted in some really muddy results. 

Greg Sieck

Brand Guru

From the mailroom to the boardroom, Sasha is ready to get Muddy!

Sasha Van Deventer

Gecko in Training

John started as an art director and editor in media. He now helps clients with visual storytelling, among them: Amazon, Salesforce, Uber, Oracle, IBM, the IRS (!), and Gecko...err, Geico.

John Miller

Renaissance Gecko

Naming companies, brands and products is a gecko specialty. Jonathan gets really muddy branding & naming stuff.

Jonathon Bell

Wordsmith Gecko

Charlie got his start digging in the dirt 20+ years ago editing music videos for the likes of Peter Gabriel. Since then, he's cut movie trailers for Miramax, produced documentary films for ESPN and the History Channel and plied his craft for Toyota, NRG Energy, NBA Entertainment, HBO, The World Bank and lots of others. 

Charlie Sadoff

Storytelling Gecko

Jon is a highly-focused generalist. From the circus to circuits, he's written for everything from Ringling Brothers to RF Micro Devices. As a marketing executive, he's worked in nanotech, regenerative medicine, ad tech. Jon started out as a bank teller with an English Major. What a chameleon!

Jon Obermeyer

Poet & BDM Raleigh-Durham

Kyle lets our clients shine in the mud of search engine marketing.

Kyle Reeves

SEM Gecko

Remember that time you visited that website and were subsequently shown ads from said site for the rest of eternity? That's Mark's fault. Mark can help your business stay in front of your existing customer base, while simultaneously growing its digital footprint. If Wendy's Twitter were Mike Tyson, Mark would be Buster Douglas.

Mark Ling

Digital Gecko

Patty's been playing in the muddy playgrounds of projects and programs for 20+ years. Her marketing feet are firmly grounded in the mud.

Patricia Nealon

Program Gecko

Besides sporting a 2 handicap, Max uses his Gecko feet and hands to play in the digital mud.

Max Van Deventer

Digital Gecko

Stefan builds muddy websites. Really muddy websites.

Stefan Visan

Web Gecko

Ted gets paid search muddy by building out, analyzing , and optimizing accounts, while offshore resources execute on keyword research, reporting, monitoring and fixing problems

Ted Ives

SEM Gecko

David is a Brand Guru with over 25 years of brand strategy experience with startups to Fortune 50. His expertise includes healthcare, tech, financial services & CPG. He left his muddy footprint by publishing a book on brand strategy – Before the Brand - Creating the Unique DNA of an Enduring Brand Identity.

Dave Wisnom

Brand Gecko

Lisa digs deep into her OG newspaper experience to sling the mud for a wide swath of clientele from real estate developers and hip-hop artists to hoteliers and haberdashers. She also knows a thing or two about marketing Industrial Robots & doing social for Hawaiian Airlines.

Lisa Dion

Writer Gecko

Jill is a globetrotting travel & adventure journalist who's logged miles, crossed borders, broken a bone or two, & won awards for telling great stories. She's written for the San Francisco Chronicle, AFAR, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, Saturday Evening Post, Sunset, Robb Report, and more.

Jill Robinson

Gecko Writer

From Technologies to Tokyo, Tom has gotten muddy the world over for 25+ years.

Tom Yemington

Managing Director

20 years on the wild seas of Wall Street surviving 2 major crashes taught Richard the difference between substance & noise. It is this ability to see straight to the heart of the issues at hand & explain them in simple & blunt terms that earns Richard the ear of the biggest tech companies competing in Digital Life today.

Dr. Richard Windsor

Digital Markets Gecko

You want the data? We get extremely muddy in the data...

Lisa Douglass Pearlmutter

Research Gecko

Managing multi-channel demand generation programs to help organization accelerate their customer journey is Denise’s focus and passion – Off the grid, you’ll find her on the golf course or hiking in the Sierras.

Denise Solone

Marketing Automation Guru

Vish is a 30+ year global marketing veteran who has a newfound interest in astronomy. Like constellations & asterisms of stars, he likes to look at different opportunities from different perspectives. He is keen on getting Muddy with Customer Relationship Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation & Alliance marketing.

Vish Deshmane

Marketing Automation Guru

Dave is a Senior Technical Illustrator and Presentation Designer who got Muddy for over a decade at Cisco.

Dave Olmos

Designer Gecko

Between studying and scootering this gecko serves as our resident gecko psychologist.

Cassidy Merlo

Program Gecko

She kicked off her career getting muddy with companies like VH1, Broadway Video, Elizabeth Arden, and Nickelodeon. Now 10+ years later Daniela is always on the move and never stops. In addition to taking care of her three kids and racing triathlons, she’s animating and editing videos for various great companies.

Daniela Solomon

Motion Graphics Gecko

Ross likes staying grounded in the mud by finding and telling the human stories. As the geek gecko of folklore and history, he is eager to help organizations establish their personal connection with their customers.

Ross Garner

Writing Gecko

Simply put, Leslie helps clients strengthen relationships with their communities. Attracting news and views, her ideas and events are groundbreaking (sometimes literally).

Leslie Smith

Public Relations Gecko

Robert has spent 25+ years getting marketing and communications muddy at Ford, Intel, McDonald's and Owens-Illinois.

Robert Carlton

Managing Director

With over 25 years marketing throughout the globe for major financial services companies, Lisa is an expert on at designing and implementing marketing strategies for major events--- mergers, acquisitions, new product/business launches and business transformations. Lisa loves to cook and her cooking — like her marketing —align the highest quality ingredients at just the right temperature to turn out a great result.

Lisa Barbaro

Finance Marketing Gecko

Serial marketer. Sporadic golfer. Pasta lover. Expert healthcare and life sciences technology marketing and sales acceleration strategy leader.

Ray Solone

Managing Director

Chuck helps companies execute their product, go-to-market, and customer execution strategies. In his 30 year career, Chuck got Muddy managing Hewlett Packard’s $7B US/Canada Data Center & Hybrid Cloud business, HPE’s Blade & Cloud Business Unit as well as driving global SW business development.

Chuck Smith

Managing Director

Paula is a brand marketing and content expert. She has built many brands for Intel and some of its spinoffs. She has named and branded products in every industry from tech and solar to healthcare, education and real estate. This smart and creative Gecko loves to write and even teaches college classes. When she’s not busy, she enjoys painting, gardening and hanging out with her family and pets.

Paula Satow

Brand & Content Gecko

Peter's major association with mud came from playing rugby for 26 years until his tail fell off & never re-grew. All of which was great training for his career in business & technology strategy, focusing on cloud, IOT, AI, blockchain & the like & eventually becoming an IBM CTO & Distinguished Engineer. He has extensive experience advising startups & VCs in the Industrial IOT area.

Dr. Peter Williams

Chief Technology Gecko

Todd Irwin is the Chief Creative Officer and ECD of Muddy Gecko, where he conceptualizes and produces branding and marketing campaigns, and anything a brand needs that's creative. Todd has worked for the likes of Coca-Cola, Verizon, Nikon, Lacoste, Pepsi, Remy Martin and The New York Times to name a few, and has been featured in numerous creative publications during his career.

Todd Irwin

Chief Creative Gecko

25+ years of digging in the mud as CMO level/ Sr. VP Sales & Marketing Sony Electronics and others. Marketing integration expert with Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other major retailers.

Mark Viken

Chief Retail Gecko

When not perfecting his tennis game, Photographer / Director / Cinematographer Rex Miller gets Muddy as a visual storyteller. His photography clients have included ABC News, American Express, Atlantic Records, Calvin Klein, CBS, Forbes, John Kennedy, Jr., McDonald's, Musician, Newsweek, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Nickelodeon, Rolling Stone, Spin, Sony Music, and Time. His video/TV production work has appeared on HBO, PBS National, Tennis Channel, & screened at major national & international film festivals, including Sundance, Berlin, etc. He has been part of two Peabody Award winning projects, 3 Emmys and was twice nominated for an Emmy for Cinematography.

Rex Miller

Photo & Video Gecko

When Kelly’s not writing, this gecko can be spotted skiing, running, and collecting passport stamps.

Kelly Trumbull

Writing Gecko

Amy Stettler is our media gecko. She can be found in the mud at the intersection of media, content & commerce where she drives ROI by directing the most effective investment planning for your media messages. When not navigating those crossroads, she can be found getting muddy with her dog on their SUP in the lakes & rivers of Western PA.

Amy Stettler

Media Gecko

When not fumblin', bumblin' and tumblin', Lucy is our new foundation of social influencing.


Gecko Impersonator

A self-proclaimed Globe Trotter with an explorer streak. Marion is a global marketing veteran with an instinct for anticipating the next question while messaging to specific audiences. Focused on the end-result, this gecko is skilled in driving projects with extreme attention to detail.

Marion Koehler

Program Gecko

Animator & VFX Artist for 10+ years. "It's not the years.. it's the mileage"

Brett Tipul

VFX Gecko

She is a Designer and Art Director with 10+ of experience developing and collaborating on ideas and translating them into visual experiences. When not designing she can be found buying unnecessary products beautifully branded.

Rebeca Farias

Design Gecko

I am a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for all things digital design (though nothing warms my heart more than beautiful typography and impeccable branding!) When I'm not kerning the day away I love to dance and binge-watch my favorite shows on netflix. Nice to meet you!

Carla Anderson

Graphic Gecko

The secret of life? A good cup of coffee. The secret to telling award-winning business stories? Begin from a place of deep empathy. With over 3 decades of experience working with some of the biggest & best known brands in the world, Jerrie knows how to help win your audience’s attention & earn their affection.

Jerrie Ames

Strategic Messaging Gecko

Brett has been digging through sales, business development and strategy mud for more than 30 years. A passionate & strategic seller, he is a veteran of companies such as Intel, Microsoft and Rogers Communications. Brett is based in Toronto.

Brett Udashkin

Global Development Gecko

Shawn got Muddy as one of the world’s leading semiconductor experts while at Intel, with expertise in semiconductor memory components (2D/3D/3D Crosspoint NAND, DRAM technologies) and solutions such as SSD, SATA,PCIe, M.2, HDD, and key industry players such as Samsung, Micron, Hynix, Toshiba, WD/Sandisk, Seagate.

Shawn Sackman

Chip Gecko

Justin launched his creative career in the muddy trenches of broadcast news as a reporter & anchor for NBC & CBS, then PLAYED a journalist on network & cable series for CBS & Animal Planet. This voice artist gecko provides signature sounds for diverse clients such as Google Home, Disney, Warner Brothers, PepsiCo, Bank of America, & many muddy more...all while scurrying to exotic locales like the Amazon, Borneo, Morocco & beyond!

Justin Hibbard

Voice Artist Gecko

Brent has left a trail of muddy footprints globally in his pursuit of delivering marketing excellence for startups to Fortune 50s, including years @ Intel. With special expertise in the gaming, e-Sports and Digital Content industries, he's a Californian who has lived in Brazil for nearly 20 years. You know, the country where you REALLY DO kick the football with your feet!

Brent McCray

Brazil Gecko

An entrepreneur and a keen observer of human behavior and trends, Jay has helped elevate brands both large and small while holding a variety of strategy, insights, and account services positions at Levi Strauss, Clorox, Landor, and his own consulting practice, novaQuant. When he's not solving marketing challenges for clients, Jay likes to play basketball, coach his two daughters in softball, and hike the hills and beaches near his home in Pacifica, California.

Jay Gangi

BDM & Brand Gecko

As a qualitative researcher, Karen loves to ask questions and get muddy with our customers.

Karen Stephens

Research Gecko

Jenny brings strategic and creative lenses to help you uncover blind spots, so your marketing and branding stay top-notch. With curiosity and contagious entrepreneurial spirit, she always wears great ideas on her sleeves, ready to share anytime. Good laughs and homemade Crème Brulee make her day!

Jenny Huang

Silicon Valley Gecko

Eric is veteran of the high-tech semiconductor industry, with years of Sales, Marketing, and global Executive Management experience. He’s gotten muddy managing channel and distribution sales for companies such as Intel, Numonyx and Micron.

Eric Benander

Semiconductor Gecko

After a first career in Europe, Michel decided to invade the retail and e-tail in the Americas where he left his muddy fingerprints. For more than 25 years he has been muddying his hands in the IT and consumer electronics world. From Amazon to Walmart he is a veteran of many successful strategic campaigns. He now lives in Southern California.

Michel Hassan

Memory Gecko

Patrick is a UGA alum who got muddy with companies from Gartner to Toyota. He can manage any project you splash at him with his dog Huxley splashing alongside as a Jr. gecko.

Patrick Hurst

Program Gecko

Execution & delivery backed with passion for excellence in global manufacturing, sourcing, procurement & supply chain. Four decades of helping small &large companies in technology, chips, & materials. Connoisseur in selecting fine wines & chocolates too.

Suresh Sachdev

Ops Gecko

Courtney is a dog loving gecko who also enjoys antique shopping and painting furniture. She spends her time as a social media guru helping businesses get Muddy by focusing on brand awareness, company growth, and building connected and loyal communities.

Courtney Conant

Digital Gecko

Jennifer got her start over 15 years ago working on various sitcoms in NYC. Since then, she has produced reality shows for Spike TV, played in the mud with advertisers creating co-branded franchises, and produced various events for the Paramount Network.

Jennifer Savage

Events Producer Gecko

Peter has been getting Muddy as one of the world's leading data center experts for 30 years. He is recognized as a thought leader in the mission-critical information, communication & infrastructure design realm, has published numerous technical papers in the field & is a frequent speaker at international events.

Peter Gross

Managing Director

Rex's triple background as a writer, theater actor, and audio engineer coelesced in 2013, forming the base of a successful career in voice over. Since then, he has voiced hundreds of projects for a diverse range of clients. His natural acting ability combined with his broadcast-friendly baritone produce a unique sound for clients such as Estee Lauder, Hewlett-Packard, The American Red Cross, LEGO, The US Air Force, and many more. This gecko is available to imbue your brand with the voice it deserves.

Rex Anderson

Voice Gecko

Brian is an active gecko that gets muddy playing tennis, golf and basketball. When he is not working out or with his family Brian has served in Sales, Marketing and Global Business Operations roles at companies such as Intel, Micron, Avnet, PNY and SMA America.

Brian Hamilton

Executive Gecko

Tony has been staring at computer screens his whole life - from video games to video editing. He is a huge fan of coffee, cooking, cameras and computers. He is excited to continue his craft in design and edits, and isn't afraid to get muddy.

Tony Bucher

Design Gecko

When Nicole is not teaching in a classroom she can be found hiking or traveling but she never gets lost in translation for Muddy Gecko French customers!

Nicole Hassan

French Gecko

Donato is a digital photography enthusiast and gadgets geek. He traveled WW to program manage corporate marketing events and trade shows for Intel and VMware and got muddy while translating program updates for the Intel Inside® Program Licensees in Latin America.

Donato Pineda

Spanish Gecko

John brings a design thinking approach to leaders and teams to help them achieve their specific goals. He got muddy at Intel driving global strategic initiatives in channel programs, partner marketing, branding and in education/public sector. He is as comfortable climbing mountains as he is cooking an amazing dinner.

John Galvin

Managing Director

John’s artistry and design work can be found from the massive murals at Pier 39 in San Francisco all the way to the stamps for the National Wildlife Federation and through miles of mud in between. John has gotten muddy working with clients that include Tower Records, Paramount, Amtrak and the California Highway Patrol.

John Tessler

Design Gecko

An award-winning video media producer with 25 years of experience producing hundreds of Fortune 500 global branding assets. This gecko believes the story is at the crux of every great brand to empower the customer’s experience. “Infotainment” is where he plays in the mud to create value.

Blake Scribner

Video-media Gecko

The founder of FullTilt Team Development is at home in the mud as an entrepreneur, ultramarathon runner, 10-time Burner, swing dancer and world adventurer.

Kerry Ward

FullTilt Team Gecko

This FullTilt, Spanish-speaking, world traveling gecko loves exploring the unknown. When he is not knee deep in mud team building, he loves the outdoors, sports and will always say yes to a round of golf.

Scott Webster

FullTilt Team Gecko

A FullTilt gecko who hosts unique experiences for companies like Intel, Microsoft, Toyota and dozens more – he loves to help groups get muddy! This gecko also loves to rock climb, kite surf, and find a good deal!

Tom Seletos

FullTilt Team Gecko

Are you tired of your corporate or product messages being ‘as clear as mud’? Well, it’s time for us to talk! PR, AR, messaging and global communications experience in the world’s leading networking, cybersecurity and semiconductor corporations - Let’s do this!

Adolph Hunter

Comms Gecko

Allie is a PR pro with experience working with B2B and B2C brands in a wide range of industries. From self-driving cars and cyber security to hotels and alcohol (and nearly everywhere in between) – this gecko knows a thing or two about getting a brand in front of media.

Allie Byers

PR & Writing Gecko

This gecko is well versed in all things PR and has plenty of experience in B2B and B2C. She has gotten muddy in a wide range of industries including hospitality, retail, insurance, finance, security, automotive, drones, sports, CPG, alcohol, fitness (and many many more)!

Gabby Byers

PR & Writing Gecko

Langdon is a gecko that specializes in finance, technology and software content development. His clients have included Micron, Voicebase, JHS Packaging, West Seven Media and more. He is also a competitive tennis with a wicked forehand.

Langdon Miller

Writing Gecko

This gecko is driven to uncover the muddy brilliance in others. She is an author, speaker, facilitator and executive coach. Her unique blend of experience enables her to transform work teams and organizations into engaged, high performing, FUN places to work.

Lydia Richards

Executive Training Gecko

A globally curious gecko, this lizard has always focused on bringing the right messages to the correct audience, via the most effective vehicles – driving positive organizational change as a result. Sharpening his communications and marketing teeth within the corporate IT world he now brings strategic value to corporations, NGOs, and nonprofit organizations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. When not focused on communications and marketing, this reptile can be spotted traveling, getting active in the outdoors, and reading history.

Chad Laws

Global Comms Gecko

After 2 1/2 decades at Intel Corporation helping create all the amazing mud making machines, Lisa now pours her energy into producing, advising and consulting in the immersive space (AR/VR). She firmly believes that to really understand mud, you have to become the mud. Get in there. Really experience it! Her favorite thing? Helping visionaries and businesses make their muddy plans a (virtual) reality.

Lisa Watts

AR/VR Gecko

Chris has been knee-deep in channel sales mud for over 25 years. As a native Floridian, Chris has been likened to a chameleon and therefore has successfully developed multiple solutions and brand awareness to various VARS, etailers, exporters and government agencies. A great portion of his career has been dedicated to the distribution segment - working for Tech Data Corporation and D&H Distributing.

Chris Renner

Channel Gecko

In one of her first positions, Monique's creative director asserted her title should be “Multimedia Goddess” because of her willingness to get muddy. He even put it on her business cards.

Monique Heileson

Design Gecko

Leslie likes spending time with family and their new Shiba puppy. She loves working through muddy challenges leveraging her project management, operations and finance background from her +20 years experience in the fast paced high tech industry.

Leslie Wilson

Program Gecko

Tom gets muddy being clever. Because he believes innovative thinking requires a clever gecko who is quick, agile, and transformative. A connector of dots, he’s a strong writer, market analyst, trend specialist, idea generator, concept developer, and story teller. He’s been clever for the likes of PepsiCo, Unilever, GSK, IFF, and a host of others. After his family, Tom loves playing tennis and platform tennis (Google it).

Tom Pastre

Clever Gecko

Whether it’s working in production with bands and brands from Train and Weezer to Nike and Boohoo or editing documentaries for Netflix and HBO, Joel loves getting muddy in the creative process from start to finish.

Joel O'Brien

Media Gecko

Some like to sling mud, Ted prefers to spin mud. After completing his bachelors degree in alliances and field enablement, he earned a masters in 'spin-onomics’ over the last few decades at EMC and SAP. And when Ted isn’t working on messaging or partnerships, you can find him training for his next Ironman.

Ted Basile

Product Marketing Gecko

In the mud for 20+ years in graphic design for Fortune 500 high-tech Silicon Valley companies.

Rich Marinaccio

Design Gecko

Robert is a go-to-market guru getting muddy in all parts of the globe helping tech enterprise of all sizes accelerate growth with proven experience in channels, new markets and the secret mud recipe: equal parts of adventure, fun and experience.

Robert Kidd

Biz Dev Gecko

Global business leader that’s helped kickstart new, scale existing, and transform multi-billion-dollar and start-up businesses as CMO, CRO and GM. Steve’s not quite where he was in his younger days as a member of the United States National team to the World Cross Country Championships but still fluent in Swedish.

Steven Dietch

Managing Director

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