Muddy Gecko:
the world’s
leading fractional
marketing firm

We are a team of premier creatives at the ready to take on a single project, or serve as your whole marketing department, or anything in between.

Our Mission

is to deliver premier marketing through world-class strategies, assets and services to the world’s leading companies by the world’s leading gecko marketeers.

For years I worked in companies that outsourced their marketing, however, the agency model was flawed with their outlandish and expensive big city offices, not to mention their high minimums and bloated management overhead. The individual contractor model worked in some cases, however, it created too many individual vendors, related paperwork and a significant lack of synergies and teamwork.

As we have ramped Muddy Gecko, we are attracting the world’s best marketers under a single umbrella and providing world-class marketing capabilities through a perfectly efficient business model. No salaries. No offices. No overhead. With a collective resume that includes marketing experience with thousands of companies, we are now helping our clients market in over 200 countries across the globe. Whether it is a Fortune 50, mid-cap public, or VC-backed startup, Muddy Gecko is filling the gaps in their marketing. What are the gaps in your tracks?

—Peter Van Deventer,
Founder & CEO