Your Outsource Marketing Partner

We roll up our sleeves with clients of all sizes to provide them with an exceptionally strong marketing team to complement their current capabilities.

With a team based in 36 cities and four countries, our Muddy clients range from startups through the Fortune 50. We have deep experience in all major market segments, and are in the midst of 1,500 projects for our clients in 2019. A few of the markets serviced include healthcare, microprocessors, memory, data centers, semiconductor manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), chipsets, telephony, investment banking, food safety, point-of-sale technologies, network automation, pharmaceutical, valves and fittings, big data, publishing, hospitals, personal development, and many more. Muddy Gecko offers the lowest possible cost model as we have no salaries, no offices and virtually zero overhead. We are virtual. We are the future of marketing.

Our Gecko team includes world-class talent such as the former US CMO for Sony Corporation, graphic designers from Apple and Cisco, writers from Wired magazine and the Wall Street Journal, trade show execs for Nikon and Verizon, video producers for McDonald’s and Mercedes Benz, the former head of brand for Intel, and dozens more.

Access these expert Geckos plus many more on a fractional basis. Pay for only what you need. No minimums. We fill the gaps in your marketing.

Muddy Case Studies