18 Irreverent Thoughts About the Pork Belly of Digital Content

I remember when I was a young boy in the ’60s and the hippies who lived in that restored school bus out in the meadow started tripping and when they came back to earth, they started this thing called blogging. It was really something. They raised a tie-dyed flag above the bus that read “Blogging […]

The Agile Writer

I write blogs for a software test automation company and a restaurant/grocery technology client of the fractional marketing group Muddy Gecko. My days are spent immersed in the realms of DevOps, software QA and IoT applications. My background research and daily client calls involve healthy dollops of developer terms like “sprints” and “scrums” and “information […]

Fractional, Actionable — Marketing for the Machine Learning Era

Fractal Jellyfish

The Methodists invented the idea of a circuit-riding minister, as a way to spread a spare resource among disparate congregations. Then a cohort of recently-furloughed CFO’s co-opted the practice and we haven’t looked back. Actually, I think it was the Ancient Israelites who started off the act of the fract, with franchises in Cairo, the […]

SWOT Analysis


The SWOT model is one of the classics in the business world. Interestingly, the original developer of the SWOT tool is unknown. Most of us were initially introduced to the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) in one of our first business classes in college. Personally, I added it to the many templates that were being thrown at me […]