Marketing Adjustments in the Coronavirus Era

Here at Muddy Gecko, we have unique insights into marketing adjustments being made by our clients in these uncharted waters of Coronavirus. Our client base ranges from venture-backed startups up to the world’s largest corporations across the globe. Client behavior is changing rapidly and here are a few of our observations:”

  • Larger Corporate clients are ramping up the utilization of web, online and digital assets.
  • Venture-backed firms are ramping up digital marketing, as targets are now sitting at home in front of their computers and phones all day.
  • Social is becoming a core anchor for all, as these platforms are the primary source for all Coronavirus-related updates, and thus the audiences are there.
  • All clients are doing right-hand turns to shift budgets from events and sales calls to online content and webinars.
  • Most clients are adopting pillar marketing plans – which is developing a broad series of digital assets off of a single anchor topic asset. An example of this would be to initially develop an eBook or webinar, and from that core asset develop dozens of videos, articles, infographics, blogs, short social videos, and extended YouTube/long-form videos.
  • Produced videos are ramping significantly as events decline and companies want high-quality, rich content to communicate with and influence targets.
  • There is a rapid increase in the use of outsourced fractional marketing, as companies look to not only outsource but have offsite resources on demand; and this also supports the continuing shift of marketing costs from CapEx to OpEx.

The Coronavirus era is upon us and it is forcing adjustments on all companies and marketing departments. While the duration of this situation is to be determined, it is a certainty that corporate marketing models are being adjusted for the long-term.

Peter Van Deventer, Chief Gecko