Bring Your Marketing Content To Life!

In the fast-paced world, deciding which marketing strategy is best can be challenging. You want to be ahead of the game. You want your content to be viewed more than your competitors. You should ask yourself, “Where are customers spending most of their time engaging?”

Today, more people are on their mobile devices than ever before. Millions of internet users watch online videos each day. Those watching video on a retail site are more likely to buy a product. Executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week, and according to Forbes Insight, more senior executives would rather watch a video than read text.

Brochures are a thing of the past and video is rapidly becoming the marketing strategy that will elevate your business. Grab your audience’s attention, make your marketing content clear and spread the word through video marketing. Because everyone loves to share and “like” a great video!

Muddy Gecko is the leading fractional marketing firm servicing companies in Silicon Valley and around the world. Our client list includes VC-backed firms such as Yellowbrick, Gluware, Avalanche Technologies, Tortuga Logic, Authentic Vision, Concerto HealthAI, and many more. Corporate clients include Intel, Micron, Global Foundries, Oracle, Walmart, and others.

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Daniela Solomon,
Motion Graphics Gecko at Muddy Gecko Marketing