5 Signs Your Marketing Team Needs a Boost

To one degree or another, most organizations do marketing. But no two marketing plans are the same and they’re not all equally effective. Is your Marketing team poised to deliver on your strategic plan and business success—for 2020 and beyond? If you’re not sure, here’s a quick checklist to help you take stock:

  1. Have some (or many) of your marketing goals from 2019 moved over to your 2020 to-dos?

Compare your Marketing team’s 2019 and 2020 plan to find out. If you’re not able to meet or exceed your planned goals, you may need some help to get you over the top.

  1. Is your brand strategy unclear? 

Informally ask a handful of employees, customers, partners and/or prospects a few quick questions like, “What does our company stand for? What do we deliver to the market? What benefits do we bring?” If you find disparate or conflicting responses, you have a real opportunity to take your marketing to the next level and clarify your brand.

  1. How rich and modern is your content?

Do a side-by-side comparison of your content vs. the competition to see how you compare. Believe me, that’s exactly what your prospects are doing every day. Standing out in a crowded field is key to your success.

  1. Is your content everywhere it needs to be?

How do people find you on the web and on social media? Or maybe they’re not finding you at all? What do they see when they get there? Do another side-by-side of where you are being found vs. the competition. Explore where your prospects are searching for the right solution and determine if you’re there too—front and center.

  1. Are your results measurable?

How are your marketing program results comparing with previous years? Month over month? If you’re not sure or can’t find out in a few clicks, you can make great strides by putting your Marketing ROI higher on the priority list for your team.

If you need help with improving these Top 5 Signs for 2020, don’t despair about your results. Chances are you’re all doing a great job but can benefit from some fractional marketing expertise to help put you over the top. That’s where Muddy Gecko, the top Fractional Marketing company comes in.

Paula Satow
Brand Marketing & Business Development Strategist at Muddy Gecko Marketing